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Di-GPS Eco Pro New Screw   by Moose Peterson

"The next generation of the Di-GPS is now available with screw attachment and it is by far the best!"

Best Nikon DSLR GPS  by Terry White

"Until that happens The GPS units from Dawn are your best bet."

di-GPS Eco ProSumer GPS for Nikon  by Terry White

"If you want to geotag your photos as you take them, this new Eco ProSumer GPS will get the job done nicely. It’s small, lightweight and not a nuisance to have connected to the camera while you’re shooting."

di-GPS Eco Pro Knocks it out of the Park!   by Moose Peterson

"The Di-GPS Eco is the smallest, lightest, most battery friendly and now MC cord friendly GPS on the planet."

di-GPS Eco Professional   by Ed Fritz

"I am quite satisfied with the look, performance and quality of the Di-GPS_Eco_Professional and I glad to see that the GPS technology has miniaturized to the point that it can be designed and used successfully in the field. On a scale of 1-10, this GPS unit rocks at a 10."

Review: Dawn Technology Di-Eco Pro-F GPS by Edward Dombek

"I had no intention of replacing my Bluetooth solution until I became aware of the Dawn Technology Di-GPS Eco Pro-F. It seemingly addresses all the potential nuisances: no cable, no extra device to charge, doesn’t interfere with bag usage."

The Best Nikon GPS – Dawntech Eco Pro-F Review by Scott Wyden Kivowitz

"The Eco Pro-F is the best Nikon GPS.  I have been using the Dawntech di-GPS Pro for many years now. I am extremely excited to share my thoughts on the new Dawntech GPS for Nikon DSLR cameras.  The Eco Pro-F is compact but packs the same GPS power and weather sealing as the di-GPS Pro."

Review: Jobo photoGPS for Digital Cameras  by Scott Kelby

"Up to this point, the only GPS I’ve really spent much time with is the di-GPS mini from Dawn Technology (now for Nikons and Canons), which I love (more than ever, now)."

Review of Dawn Technology di-GPS Eco ProF unit for Nikon professional cameras  by Raymond Ambrosi

"currently it is by far the smallest and best GPS unit available for adding geographical metadata to photos."

Nikon Rumors

"Alternative GPS module solution for Nikon cameras: di-GPS Eco Pro-S and Pro-F"


"Most Nikon DSLR cameras come packed with GPS functionality, though they require some sort of input from accessories or smartphones. A Hong Kong company has the answer, as it has released a couple of GPS modules specially designed for Nikon’s shooters."

"Not connected via a cable or bluetooth the camera with the GPS modules so small In the consumer DSLRs cameras he is on the side of the multipurpose rectangular 8-pin plugs directly bus, while made in the pro-cameras of the round 10-pin connector on the front use." 



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