About Us

Dawn Technology Limited was established in 2005 in Hong Kong and has been moving to the United Kingdom in 2020, specialized in designing and producing GPS devices for Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras.  We are always the pioneer and specialist in the DSLR GPS industry.

We are the first company to design and produce a user-friendly but professional GPS device for DSLR cameras.  Originality is our belief in designing.  Our brand di-GPS® provides our customers an exceptional and extraordinary experience in shooting ever since.  

di-GPS® Products ever released
@2005 N1 di-GPS®
@2006 di-GPS®-2map software
@2007 N2 di-GPS® Mini  
@2008 di-GPS® Pro
              di-GPS® Basic
 di-GPS® USB
@2009 di-GPS® Pro L
 di-GPS® Mini II
@2010 di-GPS® Mini 3L / M3L
@2011 di-GPS® M3-MTK
@2012 di-GPS® M3-DC
@2013 di-GPS® ECO-ProFessional
 di-GPS® ECO-ProSumer

We believe that customers are our valuable asset and superior customer service is always our goal that we are striving toward.  Thus, customers’ inquiries and comments will be attended and be responded at our earliest possible.   Your satisfaction is our priority! 

​*All information and specifications are subject to change without any notice.